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Find the Perfect Solution to Build Your Internal Cloud Platform

Featured Providers

Providers built with care and curated by Upbound to give you confidence at the foundational layer of your internal cloud platform.


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Crossplane provider adds support for managing AWS resources in Kubernetes.



The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Crossplane provider adds support for managing GCP resources in Kubernetes.



The Microsoft Azure Crossplane provider adds support for managing Azure resources in Kubernetes.


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Featured Configurations

Common platform APIs that can help you get started or inspire building new abstractions that make sense for your organization.

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Custom API Blueprints to Power Your Internal Cloud Platform


Configurations compose Managed Resources into higher-level APIs that can be consumed by users of your internal cloud platform.


Providers bundle a set of Managed Resources and controllers to allow Crossplane to provision and manage the respective infrastructure resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still need more information? Read our FAQ or contact us to learn more about the Upbound Marketplace.

How does the Upbound Marketplace Work and Why Should I Use it?

The Upbound Marketplace is a central hub for finding Crossplane packages with verified content and auto-generated documentation. Upbound curates a set of Official Providers which are actively maintained and thoroughly tested to help you discover the best building blocks for your internal cloud platform.

How Do I Author a New Provider or Configuration?

Authoring a Crossplane package is as simple as building and pushing an OCI image. Upbound has created example templates for building either a Provider or Configuration package to help you get started.

How Do I Contribute My Provider or Configuration to the Marketplace?

Once you have created an Upbound Account, the easiest way to build and push your package to the Marketplace is with the up CLI. It offers client-side validation and other helpful tooling to ensure a seamless experience.

What is the difference between Providers and Configurations?

Both Providers and Configurations are instrumental in building your internal cloud platform. Providers supply external APIs that you consume from cloud providers and other infrastructure providers. Compositions allow you to build your own API on top of those primitives, meaning that you are in control of what abstractions your platform offers and how they change over time.

How Does Terrajet Help Me Create New Providers?

While most users will never have to build their own Provider, the Crossplane community has built tooling to allow you to easily bootstrap providers for previously unsupported external APIs via code generation. Check out the Crossplane documentation to learn more.

Is the Upbound Marketplace Free to Use?

The Upbound Marketplace is free for the entire Crossplane community. Documentation and public package consumption is free for all users, while adding your own and accessing official Upbound packages only requires a free Upbound account.


Discover the building blocksfor your internal cloud platform.

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© 2022 Upbound, Inc.


Discover the building blocksfor your internal cloud platform.